Monday, March 22, 2010

My gardeners are hard at work!

My little garden helpers have been busy loosening up the soil, crocuses are blooming in front of the tall rock. The daffodils are getting a little taller. I guess the fence isn't working too well! We are at the end of some absolutely lovely weather, the weather lady is saying back to normal temps....low single digits and some much needed rain. That is ok, as it is officially Spring!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank you fellow bloggers....

It is fun to learn about fellow bloggers and their "neck of the woods". I enjoy visiting everyone's blog. Learning a little of this and that about everyone. I am putting some information to good use.
I hope no one minds if they get mentioned here...."From My Front Porch in the Mountains" had a terrible thing happen to Annie - she choked on a carrot - thankfully she is fine. The past several months we've been feeding the donkeys ground flax mixed with their chopped carrots at bedtime. I t seemed to be quite hard to swallow. Since I read about Annie awhile back, I've been pureeing their carrots and mixing it with water and the flax, making a mash. 2/3 cup carrot, 1/3 cup flax and 1/2 cup water....they love it, and gobble it right down. Max has a , not a split, but a ...what word am I looking for... a .....chip that peels up toward his hair line on his hoof. So our ferrier said it couldn't hurt to give flax to Max, supposed to encourage growth.
My other honorable mention is " Flat Creek Farm" my Emily donkey hates to have her feet done and to be needled and take her wormer and to have her halter put on...get the message! She is still my princess!! Well everyone was due to get wormed this week, Cherokee is really good about everything, so is Max, so we needed a new plan for "princess", awhile back Flat Creek said she puts her wormer on graham crackers.....well they had never had graham crackers...and they loved it. We split the wormer into 2 daily doses, so 2 days in a row they ate their new treat with hidden wormer.~~~~~Thank you , I really enjoy both of your blogs!!

A weather update, we're having another snow storm........think Spring